Search Strategies

There is so much information available on any given topic that it can be quite overwhelming and challenging to find appropriate and reliable resources. Here are a few tips that can help you find kid-friendly resources. (Go to the presentations on the Media Center page of your grade-level website for more detailed information.)

(1) A good starting place are encyclopedias. You have access to the print edition of the World Book Encyclopedia in our Media Center and access to the online version on campus as well as from home.

(2) Search our online catalog while on campus or from home. Library Search will allow you to search for books in our library. WebPath Express lets you find reliable websites.

(3) Use kid-friendly search engines and online subject directories, e.g. KidsClick, IPL Kids, Ask Kids. (For more, go to the "Searching the Web" page.)

Google Search Tips

Have a look at the following posters to make more of your searches on Google.

The Big6
Check out this great website and learn more about the steps of the Big6. The Big6 is an information problem-solving strategy that guides you through any of your research projects, assignments and inquiries.