We hope you will make good use of our many wonderful resources this year by checking out frequently from the library. The general check-out period is two weeks but if you want to keep a book for a longer period just bring it in for renewal.
If you are in
Pre-school, PreK and KG, you are allowed one book at a time;
Gr1 two books;
Gr2-5 four books.
Please, make sure to return your books on time since the checking out of new books is only possible if there aren’t any overdues (books that you have had for more than two weeks) on your account.
While we encourage you to take good care of your books, we know that accidents can happen. Should you accidentally damage or lose a book, please let Ms. Tanja or Ms. Mandy know as soon as possible.

When in the media center, we follow our school’s code of conduct:
We take care of ourselves…
… by walking slowly and safely and by following safety rules, especially when using online sources.
We take care of others…
…by using an indoor voice, by sharing resources and space, by taking good care of books, computers, and other materials and by returning them on time.
We take care of this place…

… by using shelf-markers when choosing books, by returning books and other materials after use to their correct place.