IB Learner Profile Traits for the Library Media Center

The Library Media Center is a great place for…

caring students!

Caring students show their love for reading. They are helpful to others media center users and enjoy sharing a book with a friend. They are happy to share limited resources as well as their knowledge.

principled students!

Principled students know and honor their responsibilities when visiting the media center and using its resources. They exercise good book care, return their library books on time, share resources, give credit to the ideas of others, and observe copyright rules.

... knowledgeable students!

Knowledgeable students know how to locate and use a wide variety of media center resources for learning, information finding and pleasure reading.

reflective students!

Reflective students think about what they are reading. They are able to connect what they read to their own lives. During research they carefully evaluate and select resources and reflect about the inquiry process once completed.

open-minded students!

Open-minded students enjoy reading a wide variety of books with differing perspectives that expose them to new ideas and different ways of thinking. Open-minded students make sure to include different perspectives in their inquiry.

balanced students!

Balanced students are balanced readers who chose from a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction materials, e.g. fantasy, historical fiction, science fiction, biographies, adventure and poetry. They use a balanced variety of sources in print and electronic format for their inquiries.


Risk-takers confidently explore unknown literature and new library formats such as e-books, online data bases, wikis and blogs.

… inquirers!

Inquirers use the media center and its resources to become information literate and to develop into life-long learners. They can follow the steps of an inquiry process and know where to find answers to their questions.

… thinkers!

Thinkers know that the media center is the right place when searching for information in order to solve a problem. Thinkers evaluate the available resources and select the most appropriate.

… communicators!

Communicators enjoy reading together, listening to each other’s opinions and ideas, and recommending books they have read in a variety of ways. They know how to state questions and how to present the results of their inquiries.

(Adapted from Australian International School Singapore Library-Student Profiles Subject Perspective (Yvonne Barrett, 2004) and PYP Profile for Information Literacy (B. Brady).